VSS Newsletter – May 2009


  • Director’s Comments
  • Editorial
  • Stars of the Quarter—BH Crucis—EX Hydrae—SR Crateris
  • Eclipsing Binaries for Fun and Profit – Bob Nelson
  • Around the World with Eclipsing Binaries – Tom Richards
  • Visual Observing and Variable Stars South – Alan Plummer
  • Satellite Mutual Occultations—Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus
  • Semi-regular Variables – Terry Moon, Sebastian Otero & Stan Walker
  • The Polar Telescope – Stan Walker
  • CCD Column—Choosing a Measurement Aperture – Tom Richards
  • A Photo of Bootes 3- Now Operational in Blenheim
  • Observing Miras and Similar Stars – Stan Walker
  • Supernovae & Luminous Blue Variable Stars – Sebastian Otero
  • Patrol Surveys and Southern Hemisphere Astronomy – Stan Walker
  • The SC Stars—Candidates for Period Changes – Stan Walker
  • Beginner’s Project Update – Alan Plummer
  • Comparison Stars in the Southern Hemisphere – Stan Walker
  • Cataclysmic Variables Programme – Paddy McGee
  • CCD Terminology – Tom Richards
  • Studying Southern Variables‛ Colloquium Programme
  • VSS Membership Application Form
  • Join Variable Stars South


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