VSS Newsletter – January 2018


  • From the director – Mark Blackford
  • 2018 RASNZ conference and 5th VSS symposium
  • Astrometric Positions for SMC Variables – Mati Morel
  • A look at Mira in 2018 – Stan Walker
  • The DY Per star V487 Vel – Andrew Pearce
  • V382 Carinae – a yellow hypergiant star – Stan Walker
  • Photometry & initial modelling of the eclipsing binary V871 Ara – C Bembrick, T Ainsworth* & J Byron
  • Changes in the pulsating variables projects – Mira stars with long periods – Stan Walker
  • V0454 Car spectroscopic and photometric campaign – Mark Blackford
  • Request for cooperation
  • Publication watch
  • About
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