VSS Newsletter – January 2016


  • From the director — Stan Walker
  • 4th Variable Stars South Symposium – Mark Blackford
  • Astrometric positions for certain NSV stars – Mati Morel
  • Dual maxima Miras for 2016 – and other targets? – Stan Walker
  • CCD targets for February to April – Tom Richards
  • Photometry of bright stars – Stan Walker
  • Publication watch
  • Hardware watch
  • Software watch
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Note: Due to a PDF processing error, the Editor’s Comments did not format correctly.  They should have read as follows:

But stars are not the only things that change!  David Moriarty and Margaret Streamer have resigned as leaders of the EA Project. The reasons are set out in extracts from David’s email  “In my case, I find contact and near contact binaries very interesting and have been reading and studying papers on contact binary formation and evolution in order to write up my work with TW Cru over the past 5 years and more recently with BC Gru, RV Gru and V Gru. I am working now on papers on BC and RV Gru (the latter with Tom), as well as preparing for the work with UQ on the spectral project, for which V775 Cen and ST Cen are the principal targets. The latter are probably near contact, or close to being near-contact, binaries.  In future, I would like to expand observations and modelling of near contact and contact binaries as well as semi-detached binaries, i.e. studies appropriate to the  EW–EB project.

Margaret has now enrolled at ANU in a 4 year part time M.Phil. degree, which will include course work and research that will concentrate on her interests with the oscillating eclipsing binaries.”


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