VSS Newsletter – February 2010


  • From the Director – Tom Richards
  • And a Bit from the Editor – Stan Walker
  • Stars of the Quarter – Stan Walker
  • TT Arietis: An Exciting CV For Amateurs Too – Stephen Hovell
  • A Personal Project – Eric Rumbo
  • Bright Star Monitor South – Tom Richards
  • The Crows Nest Observatory – Roland Idaczyk
  • Equatorial Eclipsing Binaries—Pisces Cetus – Tom Richards
  • CCD Column—What Exposure to use – Tom Richards
  • Green Island Observatory – Yenal Ogmen
  • Visual Variable Star Observations – Glen Schrader
  • How Good Can Visual Measures Be? – Stan Walker
  • The Nova that Everyone’s Watching – U Scorpii Erupts – Tom Richards
  • Contact Information


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