VSS Newsletter – April 2016


  • From the director – Stan Walker
  • Validation of variables discovered by McNaught – Mati Morel
  • Variable Stars South report to the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand, Variable Star Section
  • VSS Symposium 4 – Phil Evans
  • Deciphering the enigma of QZ Car – Ed Budding
  • A toolbox for eclipsing binary stage 1 analysis – Jeff Byron
  • An improved method for correcting atmospheric extinction – Murray Forbes
  • O-C diagrams as a historical record of period changes – Stan Walker
  • U Carinae – an interesting Cepheid – Stan Walker, et al
  • Experimental modelling of bright southern EBs – Col Bembrick
  • TT Centauri – an interesting carbon Mira – Stan Walker, et al
  • CCD targets for May to July 2016 – Tom Richards
  • Publication watch
  • About


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