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Current news

  • TIX database taken offline : October 22, 2017 The Target INdex (TIX) previously available on the Variable Stars South site has been taken offline. 


Archived News

  • David Benn wins AAVSO Director’s Award for VStar : April 19, 2017 One of our members, David Benn of Adelaide, has been awarded the AAVSO Director’s Medal for his development of VStar, a very flexible and extensible light curve visualization and analysis too that was developed for the AAVSO as part of the CitizenSky project.
  • Andrews-Morel Catalogue of M42 Stars : April 18, 2017 Mati Morel has completed his monumental revision of the Andrews catalogue of stars around M42. The Atlas is a computer-readable version of David Andrews’ monumental Atlas of the Orion Nebula region (Armagh Observatory, 1981), updated by Mati Morel for VSS in 2011
  • VSS Eclipsing Binary Database : April 18, 2017

    Three VSS projects are collecting data on southern eclipsing binaries. Whilst the goals and methods of these projects differ, they have in common the production of measurements of minima, calculations of linear light elements, and classification of spectra – all derived from VSS project observations.

  • The Second Variable Stars South Colloquium : December 4, 2011

    Following the very successful inaugural colloquium in Wellington in 2009, VSSC2 will be held in Brisbane, Qld. Australia, on Friday, April 6th, as the curtain-raiser for the 25th National Australian Convention of Amateur Astronomers. Visit the NACAA website for full information about the conference and to register.

  • Call for Research Grant Applications, May 2011 : May 1, 2011

    Financial participants of Variable Stars South are invited and encouraged to submit applications for the mid-2011 round of research grants.

    It is very much hoped that more novice participants of VSS, and school and club teams with a VSS member, will make submissions. The purpose of the grants scheme is to assist a VSS member or research team that has a VSS member, in their participation in a recognised VSS research project.

  • SPADES Project Launched : October 17, 2010 We are pleased to announce that the SPADES pro-am project (Search for Planets Around Detached Eclipsing Systems) is now up and running. We seek observers immediately to join the team. Basic requirements are a telescope of about 30 cm aperture or more, an astronomical CCD camera with a Johnson V filter, and experience in CCD photometry. Targets are all south of +10 deg declination.
  • New Website Launched : October 17, 2010

    The new website  for Variable Stars South, is now operational and the previous website is being taken down. Please update your bookmarks!

  • V442 Cen Outburst – Observations Requested : September 16, 2010 The UGSS Dwarf Nova V442 Cen (RA 11 42 52 Dec -35 54 37.0 J2000, V=11.89-16.5)  is currently in outburst. The outburst was reported by Rod Stubbings (Tetoora Road, Vic, AU) on 2010 07 12.435.
  • GW Lib & V842 Cen – Requests for Observations : July 3, 2010 Hubble Space Telescope Campaign 2010-03-05 - The AAVSO has requested the help of VSS participants in providing photometry in support of a Hubble Space Telescope Campaign. One observation per night should suffice; time series are not wanted. - TJR AAVSO Alert Notice #417: Request for observations of GW Lib and V842 Cen in support of HST observations.   Dr. Paula Szkody (U. Washington) has requested the help of AAVSO observers to provide monitoring of two cataclysmic variables, GW Lib and V842 Cen, in support of Hubble Space Telescope observations in March 2010.
  • EX Hydrae Outburst – Observations Requested : May 23, 2010 The Dwarf Nova/Intermediate Polar EX Hydrae is having one of its rare outbursts at present. The outburst was discovered by Rod Stubbings (Tetoora Road, Vic, AU) on 2010-05-22.667. This star has one of the longest photometric measured baselines of the dwarf novae, having been measured from the 1950s using a variety of PEP and CCD.
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