Useful Links by Bob Nelson

Astronomical Organizations

AAVSO  — American Association of Variable Star Observers

EB Observers’ Home Page  — A diverse group of amateur and professional eclipsing binary observers

RASC-PG  — The Prince George Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada


Eclipsing Binary (EB) Data

CALEB — Catalogue and Atlas of Eclipsing Binaries  — very nice site with data, light and RV curves, Binary Maker images, etc.

Crakow Eclipsing Binary Database — data and O-C diagrams for some 3800+ EBs

Eclipsing Binaries Minima Database — times of minima only for numerous EBs (mostly BBSAG visuals, not always up-to-date)

Eclipsing Binary O-C Files — the author’s site, which contains some 1600+ Excel files with up-to-date times of minima

Henden Magnitude Sequence — standard magnitudes for areas around selected EBs

RHO — EB Ephemeris Generator — provides a list of possible eclipsers for your site on a given night

ROTSE — Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment


General Astronomical Data

2MASS DS Query Form — big complicated site enabling you to download data somehow

ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey — provides FITS images for any area of sky

GCVS — General Catalogue of Variable Stars

SOFA — Standard Objects for Astronomy (photometric standards)

TASS — The Amateur Sky Survey (confusing site)

W UMa — LC Solutions — List of authors with links to SIMBAD


Journals and Search Engines

ADS Query Form — search engine where you specify an author, title, etc.

ADS Journal Entries  — for use when you know the reference

AJ  — Astronomical Journal (useful for current abstracts)

ApJ  — Astrophysical Journal (useful for current abstracts)

IBVS  — Information Bulletin of Variable Stars

PASP  — Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

SIMBAD — Strasbourg  Site  — Classic search engine for papers (type in the name of the star)

SIMBAD — Harvard Site  — A mirror site for the above

VSB  — Variable Star Bulletin



Binary Maker 3  — A very slick Windows (and other) application

Broadening Functions  — Information on the Rucinski routines for RV determinations from spectra (see also my software page)

Guide 8  — Effective and affordable sky mapping software with up-to-date info on each star


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