The Second Variable Stars South Colloquium

Whether you’re an active variable star observer and researcher, or considering getting involved in variable star work, or just curious about this rich and important field, you are warmly invited to attend the colloquium and contribute.

The colloquium will have a mix of oral presentations, short workshops, posters and discussions, with the accent on informality. Some presentations will report on VSS projects such as the outstanding work being done exploring DSLR cameras for variable star work, and the innovative pro-am SPADES exoplanet project. But the southern hemisphere variable star activities are much wider than just VSS, and contributions are especially encouraged from outside VSS.

There’s a good deal more about VSSC2 on page 2 of the November 2011 Newsletter of VSS, which you can download from this website at Community > Newsletters. If you’d like to make a presentation of any sort, you’ll find the guidelines there. Please email me your proposal, as set out there, before the end of January. And do feel free to contact me with any queries or suggestions.

[cblink=”tom_richards”]Tom Richards[/cblink]
Director, VSS.