Weather Services

Like any astronomical enterprise, we are subject to the weather.  The following services may be of assistance.

  • 7-Timer -
    Based in China. Allows to define locations by geographical coordinates.
  • -
    An international website which can be customised for individual predefined locations
  • Cloud Free Night – Meteograms -
    Cloud Free Night is a non-profit online weather forecast information service, for the benefit of the Australian and New Zealand astronomy community. It is unique in offering a comparison of the widely available forecasts from the United States GFS global model with higher resolution forecasts from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology ACCESS model. The Cloud ...
  • New Zealand – Metservice -
    In New Zealand, Roland Idaczyk recommends Metservice.
  • SkippySky -
    Andrew Cool started SkippySky in 2008 as a free service to amateur astronomers, but these days all sorts of people use it.  It provides regional cloud cover predictions and maps​ at 3-hour intervals.   Custom maps can be arranged.
  • The Weather Channel -
    Satellite images.
  • TimeAndDate -
    Provides sun/moon rise/transit/set, twilights, ​moon phases for any location, and much more.

If you know of others, please email the webmaster with a description and links.