Software & Calculators

The following software tools and calculators may be of assistance when planning observations or reducing data.

  • Astrometry -
    Obtain coordinates of an image whose coordinates you do not know.
  • Astrotime  -
    Astrotime by Bob Nelson, is a small downloadable application that produces a wealth of time-related outputs.
  • Bob Nelson’s EB Min -
    Bob Nelson’s EB Min program for downloading (freeware) generates predictions of EB minima for your date, location and local horizon.
  • C-Munipack -
    C-Munipack is a software package which offers the complete solution for reduction of images carried out by CCD camera, intended on a observation of variable stars.
  • Calculate ToM for EBs -
    Spreadsheet for calculating & displaying tables of times of primary and secondary minima for eclipsing binaries.
  • Convert multiple UT-JD datetimes -
    Spreadsheet for converting multiple UT dates/times to JD and vice versa
  • Ephemerides -
    Ephemerides is a computer program which computes times of minima of eclipsing binary stars.
  • Julian date calculator & calendar (AAVSO) -
    AAVSO provide an annual JD calendar generator and and a JD-UT converter.
  • Lew Cook’s HJD calculator -
    Enter the RA and Dec of the target star (J2000), and the date and time UT. It outputs the Julian Date, heliocentric correction, and Heliocentric Julian Date. Note for nearly all purposes you can take the heliocentric correction for a given star, on a given night, as constant. Just find it for the middle observation ...
  • Local apparent sidereal time -
    USNO publish Michael Richmond’s calculator for local apparent sidereal time.