Bob Nelson’s EB Min

Bob Nelson’s EB Min program for downloading (freeware) generates predictions of EB minima for your date, location and local horizon. It comes with a very extensive Excel database with elements of some 6000 eclipsing binaries. Along with each set of elements is the source, date of the last time of minimum (ToM), and the number of cycles elapsed since then. Bob often updates this; and a user can easily prune and modify it for specific purposes.

As a companion to this is Bob Nelson’s O-C files, on the AAVSO site. It says in part: “Bob Nelson has developed nearly 3200 O-C (Observed – Computed) files of eclipsing binaries, all in Excel format that we are hosting on our site. The purpose is to provide information on period variation for selected eclipsing binaries (for astronomers interested in a particular star) and to determine the best elements for predicting future eclipses. These elements go into eclipse prediction software, like at Shawn Dvorak’s site (Bob and others help provide updated elements for Shawn)…. The constellations of the southern hemisphere are under-represented or absent.”

Software by Bob Nelson