O-B5 Stars in Centaurus Updated Catalogue

Updated values for McGruder’s O-B5 Stars in Centaurus Catalogue by Mati Morel, created:2014.

About forty years ago McGruder (1975) published a catalogue of 417 stars of spectral types O-B5 in Centaurus. Coordinates for B1950, photographic UBV data and spectral types were given. It is now possible to identify all objects with certainty, and to resolve anomalies in the photographic photometry by comparison with high-quality recent data, and to assess its general accuracy. The dataset in updated form now provides accurate BV data for more than 300 stars.

Having contacted Brian Skiff (2014), Lowell Observatory, I am advised that there is no evidence of follow-up to confirm McGruder’s OB stars, and his UBV data proves to be so noisy it is of little value in the professional realm. Consequently the 1975 paper and list have been largely ignored.

As the work done here now provides a reliable sequence of BV photometry for more than 300 stars in southern Centaurus it can be made available for other purposes. Note that Nova Cen 2005 = V1047 Cen appeared in the midst of this same field.