Lucke-Hodge OB Associations in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Compiled by Lucke, 1972. Edited by Mati Morel, created:2013. Last Revision:2013


  • To provide precise J2000 positions for all stars (~5000) in Lucke’s 1972 thesis on LMC OB associations
  • To replace, as much as possible, of Lucke’s old photo-graphic mags with updated recent photometry. In effect this sets up 95 BV sequences over the LMC region.
  • To provide other data (spectral types etc) for many stars
  • To make the dataset capable of being read and displayed by GUIDE9. For this purpose two GUIDE9-specific files are included in the ZIP file, i.e. lh_stars_f.txt, lhob_f.tdf.


Notes: The catalogue lists 1684 stars around Selected Area 158 in Sgr. The field covers 25.2 sq°, from (J2000) 18h18.0m to 18h41.0m, and -27°25′ to -32°15′, with a limiting mag ~12ptg. My work provides other identifiers (HD and DM nos), not part of the original paper. While the list provides much data of a spectral nature, rather than variable stars, nevertheless a number of variable stars did turn up in the course of this work and will be of interest.

Other Sources: The construction of this catalogue is based on a paper and finder charts published by S.W. McCuskey (1964). GUIDE9 was used to generate on-screen charts for comparison, and to extract precise positions from UCAC3, SPM4, 2MASS and others. Modern photometry (V, B-V) from Tycho-2 was used to confirm identities, while the VizieR page at CDS was used to access other data as required. References: McCuskey, S.W. 1964. Astron. J. 69,104