Deep Sky Objects in the Magellanic Clouds

Compiled by Mati Morel

As a follow-up to my reworking of the Shapley-Lindsay (SL) catalogue of LMC star clusters, a similar plan of attack has been used for the star clusters of the SMC. The number of catalogued objects here is only a fraction of that in the LMC, so it was fairly straightforward to work through all 220 clusters identified by Hodge & Wright (1977) in their atlas of the SMC.

Lindsay Catalogue of SMC clusters Four catalogues of SMC clusters were used by Hodge and Wright in compiling their SMC atlas, with Eric Lindsay’s 1958 catalogue being the longest, with 116 entries. I have given Lindsay’s compilation priority status, and kept his clusters in correct numerical order, even though the precise J2000 positions are not always strictly in order of increasing RA. Entries from other catalogues (K, WG and HW) are inserted in the most appropriate positions, according to RA.

Compared to the LMC, identification problems were rare, and the Hodge-Wright atlas was found to be very reliable, displaying the positions of clusters with commendable accuracy. Nevertheless, Lindsay’s published catalogue was consulted to be sure no vital information was missed. Curiously, while the Lindsay catalogue gives diameters in arcmin for each cluster, the values given are generally far too large, up to 79 arcmin. It is clear that some other scale is meant, perhaps an absolute diameter in parsecs? The BSDL diameter data has been inserted instead.