Andrews-Morel Photometric Catalogue Around M42

Compiled by David Andrews, updated by Mati Morel

The Atlas is a computer-readable version of David Andrews’ monumental Atlas of the Orion Nebula region (Armagh Observatory, 1981), updated by Mati Morel for VSS in 2011. It comprises corrected coordinates updated to epoch J2000.0, and BV magnitudes of 16398 stars in a region of 21.5 square degrees centred on M42 down to V~17.

Download the ZIP file, which contains the database in a format for loading into Guide8 (and 9): Andrews.dat and Andrews.tdf, and two Readme files. The Andrews catalogue omitted the dense H II regions around M42; however Morel has covered this by including the Parenago catalogue, also designed to run on Guide8: Parenago.dat and Parenago.tdf. The two DAT files can be run simultaneously if desired.