Catalogues and Databases

The following catalogues and databases may be of assistance when planning observations.

  • AAVSO International Database (AID) -
    The AAVSO International Database has over 28 million variable star observations going back over one hundred years.
  • All-Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) -
    The All Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) is a low cost project dedicated to constant photometric monitoring of the whole available sky, which is approximately 10^7 stars brighter than 14 magnitude. The project’s ultimate goal is detection and investigation of of any kind of the photometric variability. One of the main obectives of ASAS is to ...
  • Exoplanet Transit Database (ETD) -
    This site will give predictions of transits visible in your skies at any time and has excellent software tools to help analyse your data.
  • General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS) -
    The only comprehensive catalogue of variables: often wrong, incomplete or out of date but always a first port of call and standard reference.
  • Member Contributed Catalogues -
    Following are a series of catalogues produced by VSS participants (largely Mati Morel) that may be of use to you.
  • Variable Star Index (VSX) -
    Data on variable stars are constantly changing. New and ongoing surveys are locating new variable stars every day. Corrections to errors in the data are always coming in. But all of this work to refine what we know about these stars is happening at different times and in different places. The mission of VSX is ...
  • VSS Eclipsing Binary Database (EBD) -
    The VSS Eclipsing Binary Database (EBD) is a running compilation of times of minima, light elements and spectral classifications derived from observational research in the SEB Programme.
  • VSS Eclipsing Binary Online Database -
    This is the online version of the VSS Eclipsing Binary Database (EBD).

See also a list of member contributed catalogues.