Spreadsheets by Bob Nelson

All of this is free – use as you wish. They work well for Windows platforms but may also load into Linux Open Office and Mac (Windows emulation?).

Eclipsing Binary Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Date Description
EB_Elements5e (zip) 2014-08-25 Up-to-date elements and more for more than 8500 eclipsing binaries
EB_dataB3 (xls) 2012-07-24 A database for 597 solved eclipsing binaries (inclination, mass ratio, temperatures, ...)
MS_PROP5 (xls) 2012-07-24 Interpolated main sequence properties (including limb darkening coefficients) from Allen’s Astrophysical Quantities /4e
WD_errors (xls) 2009-03-14 A utility worksheet to calculate all the errors in Wilson-Devinney results for publication
Lin_Interp (xls) 2009-03-14 For interpolating real-world-values <–> pixels
Phase_calc7 (xls) 2012-07-17 For eclipsing binaries, it depicts phases visible each night for your location.
03 Charbonnel 1993 AASS 101 415 (xls) 2009-03-14 Evolutionary Tracks for Z = 0.004
TBA 2014-10-30 Sample radial velocity worksheet (with macros for geocentric<-> heliocentric conversions)