Software by Bob Nelson

All of this is freeware – use as you wish. For Windows platforms only (sorry Linux, Mac).

Astronomy Software

Routine Vers. Date Description
Astrotime 42 2012-07-24 A utility that converts epochs, calculates HJD, horizon coordinates, and more. Now does sunrise and set.
Broadening Functions 26 2013-11-25 The Rucinski routines to derive RVs from stellar spectra.
Clear Skies 13a 2005-11-11 Saves Clear Sky Clock values to file. Source code using WebBrowser is useful example.
EB Min 23 2015-12-13 Generates predictions of EB minima for your date, location, and local horizon.
Minima 27 2019-04-06 Finds the precise times of minima for eclipsing binary (EB) data using 6 methods.
B_Minima 12 2005-05-18 As above but handles huge files in batch mode (it searches for minima automatically).
Period Search 15f 2006-07-12 Finds periods for EBs based on portions of light curves.
Phases 14c 2015-06-03 Prints out, for a given night, and location, the phases of various eclipsing binaries for each hour. This is a very effective tool for planning your observing session.
RaVeRe 22c 2012-07-24 Does intermediate processing for spectral image files (and saves a ton of time over IRAF!!)
Sp_Analysis 14 2007-05-10 Displays up to 10 spectra (with offsets adjustable), reads wavelengths under cursor, etc. [More features to come]
Tables2Tex 10g 2005-10-31 Converts text files with tables to Tex format. (It’s great for IBVS publications!)
Tom_Cat 17e 2007-05-10 Finds periods for EBs based on times of minima. (It’s hot!!)
VHLimb 1.1 1994-05-20 Program by Dr. Dirk Terrell that interpolates the van Hamme limb darkening tables
WDwint 56a 2009-06-27 A front end interface for the Wilson-Devinney star modelling package. This upgrade has additional help and error traps.

Physics Software

All of these programs are DOS-based. If there is interest in more modern Windows-based versions, please contact me at the address below and I’ll see what I can do.

Routine Vers. Date Description
EQ_POT 61 A routine that plots equipotential and electric field lines for electrodes that you draw.
Funcs 55 1992-05-02 A number of physics functions (e.g., SHM, Planck, Maxwell, Fresnel diffraction, QM square well wave functions).
[TRAJEC( 26 1992-06-23 Plots real trajectories in air for a number of common projectiles (e.g., baseballs, ping-pong balls, etc.). The effect of wind is allowed for.