V442 Centauri

Project Leader: Alan Plummer @alan-plummer

Intensive monitoring of the dwarf nova V442 Cen is requested. One observation per hour, in quiescence or outburst is acceptable. ‘Fainter-than’ observations will be crucial, and observations should be treated as per usual; entered into the AAVSO data base.

This star system is definitely suited to new observers. It has a range of 12th to <16th mag, so for visual observers a 20cm or larger aperture is fine. Please use the charts that are linked below.

The VSS has decades of observations of this – and other – dwarf novae, and software is in development to look at this record to look for modulations or changes in the outburst character. This particular star seems to have very short outburst duration, and they are easily missed. Also, it is suspected that multiple narrow outbursts can masquerade as a ‘long’ outburst in the light curve, because of insufficient ‘fainter-thans’. This is very demanding on the statistical analysis techniques in development! Enough progress has been made now to ask for the very best coverage possible into the future. Definitely observe into the twilight as V442 Cen sets later in the year. Updates will follow, and many thanks in advance.

Please contact me (@alan-plummer) if you are interested in observing this star.


V442 Cen Finder Chart D  (1° width)

V442 Cen Finder Chart E (30′ width)

V442 Cen Finder Chart G (8′ width)


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