New Website Launched

The new website will be capable of greatly expanding our services, to include forums (there are several already – have a look), a members-only area, and large databases. These will all come in due course.

VSS participants will shortly receive advice about their logins to the participants area.

There’s an RSS feed on the home page. Subscribe to it to be advised automatically of updates – very important for following forums in particular. (If you use Outlook, see its Help for how to get an email of an RSS advice.)

Our new webmaster is David O’Driscoll. If you find any broken links or other problems in the new website, kindly email him. (But he’s escaping to Boston for the next week!)

Our thanks got to David for his hard and skilful development work, and to Flexihostings ( for generously providing free web-hosting facilities on a large scale.


[cblink=”tom_richards”]Tom Richards[/cblink]

Director, Variable Stars South