Important international campaign to detect the (very fast) rise of the recurrent Nova U Sco

The AAVSO has been promoting since 2008 a multi-wavelength campaign by Brad Schaefer (Louisiana Starte University) to monitor the next outburst of the recurrent nova U Scorpii. Since this NR erupts only about every 10 years (and is due now) and has a 4-hour rise, it is vital to have a campaign at all longitudes to detect the rise when it begins. Its quiescent magnitude is ~18.5 and at outburst, ~8.7.

The AAVSO has much material about U Sco and the campaign on its website (see links below).

Please monitor this star nightly for as long as possible, using charts from the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter. Visual and CCD observations are appropriate.

If you see a rise, submit your observation immediately to the AAVSO in the usual way, but also an email would be appropriate given the importance of this star. For submission details, please see the links below. Also please alert VSS participants and other southern observers via VSS-participants and AVSON email.


Campaign: and