Discovery Report of Nova Sgr 2009/3

Confirmation: G. Pojmanski et al report that ASAS3 has recorded a stellar object at V=7.78 at that position on Aug. 6.182 UT. A lightcurve and images can be found at,5040 .
For full details see CBET 1899.
VSS participants with suitable equipment are urged to get visual and electronic magnitude estimates for this nova at least nightly until further notice. Whilst novae don’t usually exhibit shorter-term light variations, it could be useful to obtain data more frequently.
All magnitude estimates should be forwarded immediately to the AAVSO, who will no doubt soon issue guidelines for making magnitude estimates. If you do not receive their alert notifications, watch their website home page,, for an announcement, which will no doubt include a comparison star sequence. I’d also suggest emailing estimates to the vss-participants egroup so we can have more timely progress reports.