The VSS Newsletter is usually published four times a year. It provides project leaders with the opportunity to publish interim results and project information and for members to report on activities. It includes regular sections on publications, hardware and software relevant to variable star observers. You can filter the list by year by clicking on the links to the right.

VSS Newsletter - July 2022

/ 2022
  • From the Director - Mark Blackford
  • Sixth VSS Symposium – Mark Blackford
  • New reductions of LMC variables in UOC43 – Mati Morel
  • The B star dilemma: To Be or not to Be – Ari Siqueira
  • FQ Circini – a strange nova? – Andrew Pearce
  • Spectroscopic followup of Southern transients - Tom Love & Hamish Barker
  • Determining radial velocities of the eclipsing binary components in BF Velorum, a triple system — David Moriarty
  • Constraining the Love numbers k2 and h2 of exoplanets – Lia Marta Bernabò
  • Publication watch


VSS Newsletter - April 2022

/ 2022
  • From the Director - Mark Blackford
  • RASNZ annual conference
  • R CMa: The puzzling Algol – Ed Budding
  • Period change analysis of V0625 Carinae – Mark G Blackford & Tom Richards
  • QZ Carinae - a part of the riddled solved – Stan Walker
  • Time series photometry of bright stars with the Star Adventurer Pro - Roy Axelsen
  • Cepheids & period changes – Stan Walker
  • Software watch – Mark Blackford


VSS Newsletter - January 2022

/ 2022
  • From the director – Mark Blackford
  • Variable stars in the 19th Century – Mati Morel
  • Determining ToMs from sparse photometry – V0701 Cen – Mark Blackford
  • Undergraduate project using remote learning and observing – Liam Parker, Hayden Parker, Ross Parker and Faraz Uddin (Harper College)
  • The high amplitude delta Scuti star BS Aqr: an updated O-C diagram using TESS data – Roy Axelsen