Notes about Zoom for Speakers and Attendees

  1. We will use the Zoom online meeting service, which works on iPads, Apple and Windows computers, and even smartphones.
  2. Stable internet access is essential.
  3. You will need some way of hearing the presentation on your device, such as headphones or speakers.
  4. If you intend to ask a question of the presenter or others in the meeting, you will need a microphone in, or attached, to your device.
  5. Participation will be helped if you install the small Zoom software / app on your device BEFORE the meeting. Go to to get the client software / app. You'll find Downloads under the Resources menu choice along the top.
  6. If you already have Zoom installed, make sure you have the latest version of the application installed – Zoom provides upgrades regularly to improve security etc, and some very old versions will not work with the most current version.
  7. NOTE: You do NOT need to sign up to Zoom to join the meeting. You should just be able to click the “join meeting” link and enter the meeting ID.
  8. You will need a Zoom sign-in if you want to test your audio in the Zoom program before the day. You will have the option to check it just before you join a meeting.
  9. During the meeting it is good you keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking! The meeting host may mute your microphone remotely if you are not muted.
  10. Please do not send or share the meeting link, details or password with others. If you would like to invite someone, they are most welcome, but please ask them to email and let us know. An issue with online meetings can be gate crashers. If the meeting hosts know who to expect all will be fine.
  11. If you need to contact the host of the meeting during the event, use the Chat facility to send a message.
  12. If you have a problem getting online, you can send an email to, but please remember the host will be getting speakers sorted out in the lead up to the meeting and may have limited capacity to respond. If you have any concerns, try Zoom out well BEFORE the meeting.
  13. Note the meeting will be recorded and made available via the VSS website after the meeting. Please read more detail below.

IMPORTANT NOTES for presenters

Many people have already used Zoom during the COVID period, and it is one of the easier platforms to use. However, you may find the following advice useful.

Please read the points above in detail before the event! They apply to speakers and attendees.

  1. You can use whatever presentation or other software you like (PowerPoint, Open Office etc).
  2. The best option is to only have your presentation and Zoom open – close any other apps you won’t be using, to avoid confusion.
  3. Zoom provides a SHARE SCREEN option in the toolbar at the BOTTOM of the screen. It is shown in green as seen below. Note not all the buttons shown below will appear for all users.
  4. The toolbar disappears unless you have your cursor over the Zoom window. If you can’t see the toolbar, make sure the Zoom window has focus and move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.
  5. If the Zoom bar is not full screen, some of the toolbar buttons will disappear!! It is best to have Zoom fullscreen. However, if for some reason the Share Screen button is not visible, click the … More button to find it.
  6. When you click Share Screen, a dialog window will be shown similar to this:
  7. If you have more than one computer screen (the example shows three), it is best to make sure your content is on one of them and then just select that one and click the blue SHARE button.
  8. If you only have one screen, that is okay. Select the one screen you have and click SHARE.
  9. If you are using PowerPoint (and maybe OpenOffice), Zoom will let you select either the PowerPoint editing window OR the actual presentation mode (if you have started it). Make sure you select the correct one. If you have just selected the whole screen rather than an application, this is usually not an issue.
  10. At the end of your session, remember to stop sharing, although the Host can stop that remotely too.
  11. The Host will open the meeting 45 minutes before the scheduled start. Only Presenters will be admitted to the meeting so they can test their set up. I strongly suggest you plan to join the meeting early so we have time to test your setup well BEFORE the meeting starts.
  12. I will send my mobile number to Speakers in case of emergency.

IMPORTANT POINTS about the Meeting Recording

  1. The Zoom meeting service includes a feature that allows audio, video, documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session to be recorded.
    By joining this session, you automatically consent to such recordings.
  2. You should regard the online meeting as if you were in a face-to-face meeting which is recorded. That is, you may be viewed or imaged, and what you say recorded.
  3. Usually, any part recorded before the meeting is formally started and after it formally ends is edited out of the published recording.
  4. The meeting recording will be published via the VSS website.
  5. The video of participants, where shared to the meeting and including what is visible in their background, is likely to be included in the recording. So please be conscious of your video background and other background voices or sounds.
  6. The published recording is intended for VSS members to relive a meeting or catch up with a missed meeting. It may also be distributed to a potential member, invited guests or by visitors to our website.
  7. When a speaker wishes to use a recording for their own records, promotion or sharing, only their presentation will be made available. Note this may include participant's questions.
  8. If you have poor internet connectivity, let me know and send me the slides - I can share them and advance if that helps.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to control how you appear in the meeting and recording, please contact me at