Jeff Byron

An initial childhood interest in astronomy sparked by a great-uncle eventually saw Jeff using photomultipliers and then a self-made Cookbook CCD camera for asteroid photometry from 1980's to 2000's. He then developed an interest in photometry analysis - especially estimating times of minima from light curves. Becoming dissatisfied with available software in the early 2010's, Jeff decided to write his own.

Title: Improved Time-of-Minimum Estimates of EW binary stars using JK-LC

Provided the chosen comparison star(s) is/are truly of constant magnitude (or at worst drifting at a constant rate for the duration of a night's observations of an eclipsing binary target) JK-LC has proven to provide an estimate of time of minimum for EA binary targets with both precision and accuracy being very high compared to that obtained using other commonly used techniques. This paper demonstrates how that ability of JK-LC can be extended to EW binary targets.