Andrew Pearce

Andrew has been an active amateur astronomer since 1980 based in Perth, Western Australia. His areas of interest have been the observations of comets and variable stars. He has amassed over 150,000 variable star observations included in the AAVSO database and over 3,200 visual observations of comets. His current program includes a nova patrol with a DSLR camera and 85mm and a photometric program using the 0.35m R-COP telescope at the Perth Observatory covering all types of variable stars to support professional campaigns as advised through the AAVSO. By day he is an engineer working in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Title: FQ Circinus - A Strange Nova?

This presentation will discuss the recent nova like variable FQ Circinus. It will cover the discovery, immediate follow up as well as photometric and spectroscopic coverage up until the present. The presentation will hopefully present some answers as to the true nature of the object, which at the time of writing is still unclear. Another focus will be on the interaction with various professional astronomers and the importance of maintaining contacts with the professional community. Furthermore, it will highlight throughout the journey some of the incredible online astronomical resources available to pretty much anyone when trying to ascertain previous history of astronomical transients.