Sixth VSS Symposium

The sixth VSS symposium will be a virtual meeting via ZOOM run over three days. Each day will consist of one session of 4 or 5 presentations, lasting approximately 2 to 3 hours. Talks will be 30 minutes including question time. Presentations will be recorded for those who can’t attend the live sessions.

The start time of each session is listed below which should be convenient for those of us in Australian and New Zealand who we expect will make up the majority of participants.

There will be no charge, but people will need to register their intention to participate in the ZOOM sessions. Registration is limited to 100 persons due to Zoom constraints. Refer to the Google Group for details of registration via Eventbrite or contact the Webmaster. Recordings will be posted to the website as soon as possible after the events.

Poster presentations may be submitted in PDF format and will be viewable on the VSS website.

We plan to have a short Q&A forum at the end of each session to discuss topics that may not come up during normal presentations. If you have a particular issue (of an astronomical nature) please let us know beforehand.

Registration is via Eventbrite:

Saturday September 17th - 12 noon Australian Eastern Standard Time (2AM UT)

Speaker Presentation Title
Ed Budding Close Binary Stars attracting Recent Interest
Stan Walker Dual Periods in Cepheid Variable Stars
Roy Axelsen Variable star photometry with a ZWO ASI1600MM camera and the Star Adventurer Pro
Mark Blackford Eclipsing Binaries exhibiting Period Changes

Saturday September 24th - 12 noon Australian Eastern Standard Time (2AM UT)

Speaker Presentation Title
Arne Henden Twenty Years of V838 Mon
Tom Love Wrangling photons: doing spectroscopy with small telescopes
Tom Love Variable stars: what you can do with a rainbow
David Moriarty Spectroscopic and photometric analyses of several eclipsing binary systems with pulsating components and complexities of determining radial velocities in systems with three components

Sunday October 2nd - 12 noon Australian Daylight Saving Time (1AM UT)

Speaker Presentation Title
Carl Knight Locating non-transiting exoplanets by transit timing variation
Lia Bernabo Constraining the Love numbers h2 and k2 of exoplanets
Stan Walker Dual Maxima Mira Variables - What Causes this Behaviour?
Jeff Byron Improved Time-of-Minimum Estimates of EW binary stars using JK-LC
Arne Henden Making Telescopes Robotic: The AAVSOnet Example

Instructions for using Zoom can be found here.