American Association of Variable Star Observers

Here’s some of the things you’ll find in the website:

  • Information on almost any listed variable star (see top left corner of home page): chart generator with comparison stars, observations and light curves from the database, and VSX (International Variable Star Index), a portal to the world’s databases on most listed variable stars.
  • Observing manuals for visual and CCD observers. These should now be considered as the how-to guides for VSS observers, so that we fit in with the rest of the world.
  • Extensive collection of articles on individual stars, and information on types, naming, catalogues etc, and presentations.
  • Links to a large number of free downloadable software products: data entry and analysis, observing aids, educational aids.

Submitting Observations to AAVSO’s International Variable Star Database

To submit observations to the AAVSO you do not need to be an AAVSO member, but you do need to obtain “observer initials” from them to identify your observations in the database. Go to Click on “WebObs”, then on “…request observer initials”. I suggest you check “Use my new jeux gratuits observer initials as my username”. When you get your observer initials, you can came back to the Submit page and send your observations. There is a thorough Help for submitting.

Email Groups and Alert Lists

AAVSO have several newsletters, alert lists and discussion egroups. Some are general and worth joining to keep up with the world, some are for more specialised interests. Consider joining at least the Special Notices, Alert Notices, General AAVSO Discussion Group and Photometry Discussion Group. You do not need to be a member of AAVSO. Link here.