Who's Who and Contacts

The Director of Variable Stars South, Stan Walker, is appointed by the Council of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand (Inc), and is responsible to it for running VSS and its performance. He in turn appoints certain officers and leaders, listed below, to assist him in various specific roles.

12 User(s):

Image Name & Role(s)
Alan Baldwin
  • Advisor: Visual Research
Alan Plummer
  • Project Leader
Aline Homes
  • Project Leader
Bernard Heathcote
  • Advisor: Spectroscopy
  • Project Leader
Bob Evans
  • Finance
David Moriarty
  • Project Leader
David O'Driscoll
  • Website & Database Manager
Margaret Streamer
  • Project Leader
Mark Blackford
  • Advisor: DSLR Photometry
  • Project Leader
Phil Evans
  • Newsletter Editor
Stan Walker
  • Advisor: Pulsating Variables
  • VSS Director
  • Project Leader
Tom Richards
  • Advisor: Eclipsing Binaries
  • Project Leader

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